Thursday, July 26, 2012

Learning to Be a Scientist: Week 6, Day 4

Continuing Learning to Be a Scientist : the sixth concept is "Scientists record information and explain it to others," the fourth activity is "Making a Diagram." (This is actually the seventh week doing this, but as it is the same concept as last week I am labling it as week 6. This is also the fith, not fourth activity, but I still don't have the seeds for the chart, so this is the fourth activity done.)

We started this day's lesson with review of all the things we recorded last week since it had been a while. Every lesson we have started by reviewing all the previous concepts and they are pretty good at remembering most of them. Even Early Bird can chips in with "Scientists make observations!"

This lesson had us making two diagrams: one of an apple and one of our hands. The apple diagram was a worksheet that came with the book, the hands we traced our own onto paper. This made me realized that I had never taught Builder Boy that one of his fingers is called a thumb. Oops.

I had a whole bunch of apple activities planned for when we did this activity.....a few weeks ago. But it's been a tiring week and so all we did was make the diagrams. For the apple diagram I used Apple Fractions. That book is awesome. We read it (not for the first time) after the diagrams were done. Builder Boy loves that book. It's a wonderful introduction to fractions and it teaches a LOT about apples in the process.

And that was it for the day.

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