Friday, July 20, 2012

Learning to Be a Scientist: Week 6, Day 3

Continuing Learning to Be a Scientist: the sixth concept is "Scientists record information and explain it to others," the third activity is "Making a Chart." (This is the fourth activity in the book, but I forgot to get the seeds for the third activity, so we'll do that next week.)

We started the lesson talking about why we record information. George figured it quickly, which was cool. We reviewed the information that we recorded on the list, and then we got out the ant models and we reviewed the information that they were suppose to convey with them. 

Then I got out the chart for today's lesson and had George and Builder Boy look at it. Builder Boy did a great job interpreting the pictures showing the life cycle of a bird. Then we talked about plant cycles and they each put together the worksheet pictures into the proper sequence. Early Bird joined us for that part; and while he did not do the sequencing very well, he did read the information with the pictures well.

This week's concept has five activities so I will be spreading it out over two weeks. Next week the kids will be making charts of their growing bean plants to share with other people.

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