Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Purple School Bus Mini-Van

(The white square is a sign on the outside of the other side of the van.)

Builder Boy really wants to ride in a school bus. He has sat in one at the kids' expo, and he's ridden a county bus, but it's not quite enough. When we had to replace our car, he begged for a school bus. We got a used mini-van, which is pretty close. So that he could feel like it was a school bus I sat down with him and we made a Home School Bus sign. I let him decorate it with shapes and stickers, whatever he wanted. Then I laminated it with clear contact paper and we taped it in the window (I actually moved the sign to the back driver side window.) The contact paper has bubbled a bit in the heat, and it's only up when we (usually Principal Daddy has it) have the car, but it's a lot of fun. The kids call our van the Purple School Bus Mini-Van (it's a very light purple-gray.)

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