Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Geography with Principal Daddy

Principal Daddy has been working with Builder Boy on the Evan-Moor Beginning Geography workbook. This is an open-and-go, nothing but crayons/pencil/scissors/glue workbook which makes it perfect for both of them to do in the evenings when Daddy gets home.

Printed copy scanned as Black & White
The pages have to be copied (scanned and printed at our house) before being used, so there is some prep needed that I do. I scan and print two weeks' worth of lessons at a time. The sheets are mostly black and white with some gray. But when scanned in Black & White the gray disappears without anything important being lost.

I keep them organized in 6 file folders so all Principal Daddy needs to do is go to the files and open that day's folder. They are doing this 4 times a week to prepare Builder Boy for the map work in Story of the World. The other two files are for the next week's papers and maps. The book comes with two maps, a world map showing continents and a land formation and bodies of water "map." We also have an older National Geographic map and a blow-up globe ball that can be deflated and made mostly flat. 

When they have finished a page I three-whole punch it and put it in a folder. I love that Principal Daddy is able to participate in the schooling, and Builder Boy loves having his special subject with just Daddy.

(I don't get paid for reviews.)

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