Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Skirts

It's time for another Seasonal Skirts Hop post! And, yes, I really do wear ankle length skirts for most of the summer. They're airy and plenty cool, and at that length I don't have to worry about wind blowing it up, or bending over, or being active with the kids or anything. I'm not much of an outdoorsy person, and I burn horribly in the sun, so air conditioning is my friend. Yes, once in a while there is.....sweat. (Keepin' it real, internet!) That's when I like to stand over a floor vent to cool and dry off. And, since my skirt is so long, there's no need to worry about a Marlyn Moment.

I do have one skirt that is closer to mid-shin than ankle length. It's my Cabela's denim skirt. I wanted something for those few times when I was on a surface that might not be the best for my pretty skirts. Something for outdoorsy stuff. I searched around, found this a few years ago, and I'm pretty happy with it. I usually pair it with a simple t-shirt, though this day I wore it with a white lacy blouse. (I think I was visiting a friend or running errands.) The top was a gift, but I got the skirt at Cabela' Sadly, they don't have anything similar online to what I purchased a few years ago. The quality is excellent, and I was very pleased with the price at the time, so if you're looking for something like this, keep your eyes open; they may bring it back in the fall.

One of my favorite casual skirts is also my only skirt with POCKETS! Perfect for carrying around the phone and a bottle or binkie. I wish I had more skirts with pockets. This skirt I got at Old Navy......several years ago, I think? It was another of those rare visits with my friend who was given a gift card and they just happened to have this last skirt on clearance. (I love it when that happens!) Sadly, I don't remember how much it cost. But if I ever go back to Old Navy and see another skirt like this one I will buy it; even if it's not on clearance!

I don't remember where I got the top. I love the white, light fabric, peasanty look of it. Problem is a second layer has to be worn underneath, and so then not as light as you'd like in the summer. Also, I really don't look all that great in white with my complexion. But I wear it anyways because it goes with everything. This is an outfit I'd wear around the house or out and about. (Sorry about the pictures. They're taken by Builder Boy and Early Bird whenever I happened to think of it.)

But Builder Boy sure managed to make me look great in this next picture! This is a common church or special occasion outfit for me. The skirt I got relatively recently; since Lady Bug was born, I'm pretty sure. It's the Women New Long Skirt Cotton Maxi Elastic Floral Lace Work Purple Colored from Skirts 'N Scarves on The color it came in was not a true purple, nor did it match the color on my screen. But I had tops that worked with it, so I kept it. The bottom has a sparkely trim that, due to washing it normally instead of specially and then not ironing or anything, turns up sometimes at the bottom. But I am very happy with it for the price.

The top, I think, I bought at Ross several years ago. You can't really tell in the picture, but I am wearing a Cami Secret underneath the low cut top for modesty's sake. Seriously, I don't know if it's just my kids, but every single one of my babies has been a shirt-grabber-pulling-downer. Unless I'm willing to show off my lovelies to everyone around me (nope, I'm not) then I wear one of the Cami-secrets so I don't have to add another layer in the hot weather. I even wear them under blouses where, you might think you're safe, until the baby claws at you. I've learned the hard way it's better to be safe than an accidental flasher.

And here's a picture of me looking not so fabulous. Yup, that's a stain. Keeping it real. This is to show that, yes, I do housework in a skirt, too. For the really dirty stuff, like when I have to climb into the tub or anything like that, I change into this soft, flexible, and unfortunately stained skirt. It's actually the same type of maxi-skirt that I showed the purple version of in my Spring Skirts post. I got it at Kmart when I was first pregnant with Lady Bug. So it's a size too big, but I fold over the elastic waistband and it stays on fine.

So, that's how I do it in the summer time. It's really not too hot, even when it gets above 100* (not that I stay outside that much when it's that hot. Because I'm not crazy.) For some more ideas, check out the other blogs in the Linky! And if you're wondering why I do this, I wrote about that here.


  1. Hubby orders from Cabela's for hunting gear. I'd never have thought to look there for skirts, but I love that one! Thanks for keeping it real too! Most of my clothes have stains from little hands that grab and tug and pull after or while eating. :P

  2. I totally need a skirt with pockets!!!

  3. LOL @ a "Marilyn moment". I hate it when I buy something somewhere and then I can't find anything like it ever again. That's one reason I've kept so many skirts for 10 years or

  4. Just found your blog via The Modest Mom, and really enjoyed your post. I like how you "kept it real" in the last photo too. :-)


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