Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Architecture School: Day 2

For Day 2 we worked from the Kindergarten level, Lesson 3 from Architecture: It's Elementary! . (Click here for Day 1)

First we learned the new vocabulary words for some architectural features, like "gable" and "dormer" from the printed out lesson pages. (Go check it out; it's free!) Then we hopped in the car for an architecture scavenger hunt! I printed out a copy of the vocabulary with pictures page for each boy to check off when they spotted it. I took them in the car because I knew we weren't going to find everything on the list just walking around our neighborhood, and I knew they weren't going to want to stop until we found all of them. I also told them that they couldn't use our house.

After we had driven around and found everything on our list ("path" and "chimney" was harder to find in our area than I expected) we drove to a nearby town with older buildings to look at different building types. Then we continued to randomly drive around, looking for different shapes, building types, and anything else. We also talked about commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and residential buildings. (More new vocabulary words!) We drove around for an hour, just looking an talking about buildings. Well, Builder Boy and I did. Lady Bug slept and Early Bird decided in the last quarter hour to read the space encyclopedia that I gave him as a hard surface for his survey paper. But we saw a lot of cool stuff. We even found domes! I have no idea what those buildings are for; but they were cool.

After we got home we started to paint the clay buildings from day 1. This is when I realized that I should have read all the instructions instead of just looking at the pictures. Those buildings are difficult to paint once they're all next to each other. Oops. Please learn from my mistake. If you're not using already colored clay, and are going to want to paint them, let them dry, then paint them, and then glue it to the rock.

For Christians, when we first did this activity, we talked about Christ being our Rock and strong foundations. This time we talked about the parable of the city on the hill. We talked about the visibility of a city on a hill, and how we're supposed to be an example of Christ's love.

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