Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Learning to Be a Scientist: Week 5, Day 2

Continuing Learning to Be a Scientist : the fifth concept is "Scientists use tools and equipment,"the second activity is "Take a Closer Look."

I didn't stage that!

We reviewed all of our concepts and what magnifying glasses do. Then the kids looked at leaves and feathers with just their eyes and drew pictures of them. After that they looked at the leaves and feathers through magnifying glasses and drew more detailed pictures. Then expanding on the activity I had them make observations and comparisons of the leaf and feather. We sorted them into a "natural" category, and then in a "from a plant" and "from an animal" categories. George and Builder Boy colored in the pictures of magnifying tools and they remembered from Day 1 what a telescope and microscope look at.

Smelling the feathers
Listening to the feathers
After they finished coloring I expanded the lesson further and told them about how we can use our five senses as tools to make observations. We reviewed the five senses and used them (except taste) to make more observations about the feather and leaf. We listened to, smelt, and felt the leaves and feathers. Then I gave them pieces of watermelon and we used all five senses on them, using taste last.

_______________________________________________________________________________ has a Sid the Science Game that uses magnifying glasses to look at decaying food.

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