Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Learning to Be a Scientist: Week 6, Day 1

Continuing Learning to Be a Scientist : the sixth concept is "Scientists record information and explain it to others," the first activity is "Making a List."

Today's weather was perfect for today's activity. We went outside and used our ears to make observations and record on paper (tools) all the sounds we heard. The weather was sub-100*F (finally!) with enough of a breeze that the lab coats weren't too hot. Also because there was a good breeze we heard a lot of noises.

Finding the Source of the Sound (Wind Chimes)
Stomping on Rocks

Clanking Chains
Listening Ears

(Is this really a back-hoe?)
We heard wind chimes, rustling leaves, barking dogs, a leaf blower, cars, and a construction vehicle that Builder Boy identified as a back-hoe. We heard people talking, an air conditioner fan humming, and a truck beeping as it backed up. The kids also made noises by stamping their feet, walking on different surfaces like gravel and bark, and moved things that they found.

Then we went inside and sorted the sounds into "We Made," "Nature," and "Man-made" sounds.

After that I read to them about Jane Goodall in What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know as an example as a scientists who recorded information and shared it with others.

Later today I will have George explain to her mother the information we recorded and I will have Builder Boy explain to Principal Daddy.

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