Monday, July 30, 2012


Yikes! We officially start our school year NEXT Monday and I am so not ready! I lost the history schedule (which took me hours) and I have to re-do that. I lost the Learning about Animals that we're suppose to start for science. I got most of the organizing for the school supplies, but there is still a mess in front of the school area. Plus, we can't start spelling yet because I don't think Builder Boy is far enough in reading and we can't start Writing With Ease because he still isn't writing his letters well enough.

I am trying to remember to take deep breaths. Builder Boy will be a young 1st grader, and we're planning on schooling year-round, so we have time to start spelling and writing later. I have the Learning about My Body book, so I can do it first if I can't find the other book in time. I haven't gotten anymore bird school with Early Bird because of so many things going on, and that makes me sad. He had a lot of fun with Feather Week. He still recites the poem, and he plays with the color birds, sorting and counting, almost every day. My shell-less egg was a bust. I dissolved the shell off an egg with vinegar just fine, but the membrane was cloudy and you could not see the yoke very well.  And we only did one lesson of Learning to Be a Scientist last week, and we only have this week to finish the last concept.

But here's a cute picture of Early Bird who fell asleep sitting up after insisting he wasn't tired.

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