Thursday, July 19, 2012

Learning to Be a Scientist: Week 6, Day 2

Continuing Learning to Be a Scientist : the sixth concept is "Scientists record information and explain it to others," the second activity is "Making a Model."

Today George and Builder Boy made models of ants out of dollar store play-dough (I figured it would dry hard and be cheaper than buying clay just for this.) They looked at pictures in Kingfisher First Encyclopedia of Animals as well as a toy ant to get an idea of what to make.

Builder Boy's Ant
George's Ant
My Ant
They learned that an ant had a body made out of three parts and that they have six legs. When they were done they got to play with the dough with Early Bird and George's Little Sister.

All through this section they will be sharing the information they learned with a parent to practice the "explain it to others" part of the concept as well as practicing making oral reports.

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