Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Post Round-Up

This October we're supposed to be moving (yes, we've been supposed to be moving for several months now. It's complicated and really annoying.) So I'm not decorating. And it's been another one of those months, so I really don't have much to add to Halloween ideas. I'm so glad I got the family's costumes made in September! I'm the kind of person that if a project doesn't get done in one go, it is usually left unfinished. So all of my projects are simple, easy, and take only a reasonable amount of time. And don't cost a lot of money. So, for your convenience, here are all my Halloween posts, organized.
That one time we decorated for Halloween using cheap, household items and let the kids make most of it.

Baby Ladybug with Tutu
Baby Clown
Toddler Bumble Bee
Thomas and Friends Shirt Costumes
Super Why Shirt Costume
Knight Shirt Costume
Angry Birds Shirt Costumes for the whole family

Candy Learning Activity:
This has been our family tradition for several years now, and the kids still love doing it!

For more ideas of fun and easy Halloween activities for kids, DIY costumes, or decorations, I also have a Pinterest board just for Halloween.

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