Monday, October 21, 2013

Pinterest Homemade Halloween Decorations

Bats and spiders and ghosts, oh my! This weekend my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law came to meet Lady Bug. They drove a long way to spend just one day, so I wanted it to be a full day. I have been saving ideas on my Halloween Pinterest board and this weekend we decorated the house with home made Halloween decorations. We made ghost that blow in the wind, bats to put in the windows, cut out jack o' lanterns, silly monsters, a spider, and we turned the door into a monster face.

Builder Boy's "Daddy Ghost"
This is what I was originally going for with the ghosts. But that was before I realized I didn't have any more white trash bags, and I could not find the balloons. So I improvised and cut a regular 8.5x11 white piece of paper and drew a face on it. Since these things turn in the wind it's better to make the face on both sides. Then I put a small, clear trash bag over them. (I did not have to gather them at the top because they were already like that. If yours is not you may want to gather it.) I taped the paper on the inside of the bag so that you could see the face better. Then I taped a string to the top of the bag and hung them outside. We will see if it holds up in the wind.

For the bat silhouettes I did one from memory and Builder Boy tried to copy me. I wish I'd looked one up online as a reminder of what they're supposed to look like. We folded a black piece of construction paper to make them, drew, cut, and then opened. Builder Boy reminded me that the bats needed big ears.

The monster door was an idea I saw on Pinterest. It was originally going to be a bunch of eyes, but it morphed into a monster face. For the eyes I folded a piece of paper in half and made a half circle with a long, skinny rectangle on the flat side of the half circle. The nose is an uneven blob with warts drawn on and the teeth are uneven triangles.

We also used dollar store googly eyes and puff balls to make silly monsters on colored construction paper.

Nana and Builder Boy together worked on this spider idea that now decorates our wall. There are also some extra monsters, jack o' lanterns, and ghosts around the house that Early Bird made.

I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do concerning scary things for Halloween. I don't like to encourage the idea of being scared. But the boys have had enough culture exposure that they knew ahead of time what symbols are associated with Halloween and were perfectly fine with making them. I also made sure they knew what is real and what is not. And we tried to be silly throughout the whole thing. I'd say mission accomplished!

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