Friday, October 18, 2013

5 Minute Microwave Breakfast

 I am not a morning person. I also do not like eating breakfast. But I need to, because I'm not just feeding myself, I'm feeding Lady Bug, too. The boys are pretty self sufficient when it comes to breakfast, so making a whole lot of effort to just make breakfast isn't only impractical, but it's just not going to happen. I take quite a while to wake up. So I need something filling, nutritious, and easy for breakfast. Something yummy enough to get me to eat in the first place.

I love the Pinterest ideas of making things in a mug in the microwave and I figured out a way to cook an egg in the microwave that turned out really yummy.

1/4 cup (or less) water
1/4 teaspoon chicken bullion
1 egg
garlic salt (to taste)

Put everything in the mug and beat it all together with a fork. Then stick it in the microwave for 2 minutes. That's it. The texture is soft and fluffy and very flavorful. I eat it right out of the hot mug, but I put it on a plate (sliced twice) so you can get a better look at it. There is still some broth remaining, so you can use less water and base if you want to. No added fat, tasty egg!

This by itself does a surprisingly well job of keeping me full for a while. But it's not enough to produce enough milk for Lady Bug, so I prepare oatmeal while the egg is cooking. Since it's fall I put together:

minute oats
brown sugar
drizzle of water

This seriously tastes like apple pie for breakfast.

Together they take only 5 minutes to prepare and cook. I use two dishes and no pots or pans. Easy, tasty, and a complete meal.

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