Monday, October 28, 2013

I wish I'd done this afternoon differently...

...but I'm proud of this morning.

Just about everyone has them: those days when everything seems to be going wrong, even though it's just little things. The weather is gloomy and you are, too. Someday I'll write about homeschooling with depression, but not today. Today I'm just going to say that despite my crappy attitude and my snapping short temper, we got school done today before 3pm. Normally I would suggest to another person on days like this to just take it off and try to take it easy. But I'm feeling so behind that not doing anything would have made me feel worse. So, despite an hour late start, we got school done. Even the knights study unit that has been barley started for three weeks and including our new spelling program. All done before 3 pm. After we were done I collapsed on the bed with Lady Bug and the laptop and did little else other than eat Halloween candy. I wish I'd instead cuddled up with all the kids and some hot cocoa and watched a movie. Because then maybe my son wouldn't have felt like I needed a card that said "Mommy please dont be sad your ar fine." Next time I'm going to snuggle instead of isolate. 

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