Sunday, October 27, 2013

Smile! Sunday #2

Oops! Someone forgot to tell Early Bird to smile!
Last month I committed myself to having my picture taken more often. The idea was to have our picture taken as a family every Sunday at church and to post it to keep me accountable. The reason I haven't posted another picture until now is because every Sunday one or both of the boys had displayed sick symptoms and I don't take my children out when they're like that to expose other children. So this was our first day back at church in a month and it was nice to be back.

No airbrushing! No cropping.

But in the spirit of my attempt to be in more pictures I have been allowing the boys to take more pictures of me. Messy hair, messy house, and bad angles all. Here are a few of the results that aren't too bad.
Builder Boy took this picture.

Early Bird took the rest of these pictures! This is my Granny. <3

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