Thursday, October 10, 2013

First Week in Review

Handwriting at the table
Early Bird insisted on his own handwriting

Well, this week didn't go as well as I'd hoped it would. We had our first once-a-month book club meeting at the library which threw our Tuesday into chaos. We're a one car family right now which means we have to dive Principal Daddy to work to get the van. Lesson learned: from now own Book Club Day is an otherwise free day. Principal Daddy was home sick on Wednesday which was distracting and disruptive as well.

Lady Bug listens in on Early Bird's math lesson
I've also figured out that we need to get more done in the morning because our morning things got done, but very little of our afternoon stuff got done. Our Knights Unit Study didn't get finished and our Fire Prevention Unit didn't even get started! Friday is our make-up day, but I don't think we will be able to do everything that we didn't get done. And we haven't even started all our subjects!

Preschooler workbook as warm-up
So I need to learn from this week. And I can't let what we didn't get done discourage and overwhelm me. The kids are young, we're schooling year-round, and we are going to find our groove.

4/4 Handwriting lessons completed
4/4 Math lessons completed
2/4 Reading lessons completed
1/4 Knight Unit Study lessons completed
0 Fire Prevention Week lessons completed

Make-up Friday: 2 Reading lessons and 1 Knights Unit Study lesson.

Hope for next week:
4 Grammar lessons
Making 5 with craft sticks
4 Handwriting lessons
4 Math lessons
4 Reading lessons
Finish Knights Unit Study

Right now I'm letting Early Bird do what he wants with his handwriting workbook. But that's only going to last another week, and then I might actually have to teach him. Builder Boy has forgotten some letters and developed some bad habits during our unschooling period, but he's working through the Zaner-Bloser handwriting workbook and remembering.

Proving 4 doesn't have a middle
So far Right Start math is going as well for Early Bird as it does for Builder Boy. I love its approach and it's fun for the kids. I am comfortable with using the script as needed and improvising at other times. I'm using trains and train cars for manipulatives this week and will be using stuffed animals next week. I take Early Bird and Lady Bug upstairs to the play room for Early Bird's math lesson while Builder Boy works on Dreambox downstairs on the computer. Once Builder Boy has finished 2nd grade in Dreambox (which will happen in probably a month) I'll be doing the next level of Right Start with him. In the meantime however, separating them during this time is working very well.

Identifying the 'ie' vowel teams
Reading happens together, since the boys are pretty much in the same place. Right now it's review, but I'm going through all the lessons in The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading to make sure there are no gaps. Early Bird still loves working with words, so he is an eager participant.

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