Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Quick Update

"Hi" from Lady Bug
Argh, I was afraid of this. We started our full, outside of the house activities and regular school has not been so regular. I really need to go back on my vitamins and extra iron because despite going to bed at 10pm most nights and not getting out of bed until 8:30am (waking to move Lady Bug to our bed sometime in the middle of the night) I am exhausted. Thankfully the kids never caught the cold Principal Daddy and I got in week 4, but week 5 since the start of our school year was more like a half week with the amount of work we got done. Only one history lesson and no science, no handwriting, only grammar review and nothing new, well, you get the idea. And we're still trying to find a place to move to, so this week's afternoon subjects are still not going to happen. At least we've gotten all morning subjects done! I have pictures and ideas piling up in my head, and no energy to type them all out. And now I feel like I'm making excuses and complaining, which I hate doing.

Awwwwww; I just looked over and saw Lady Bug turning pages in a baby book and laughing at the pictures. These kids sure are worth it.

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