Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Candy Scientists

Bob the Builder and Super Why
I realized today that aside from Halloween, Christmas, and Easter, our kids don't eat candy. It's not a conscience thing, they do like it and they're not allergic. We're just not in the habit of purchasing it, and we don't encounter it in other places we go. So for the boys, Halloween candy is a like-new experience every year. So I thought it would be fun to record our candy in a scientific way, making observations about each candy. It will practice identifying tastes and textures, and will give us a good idea of the sorts of things they like for future buying (making comparisons!)

I made a chart for our observations. We will tape or staple the candy wrapper in the spaces on the right side (above the stars.) Builder Boy will check the boxes that apply and give it a starred rating.

I am sharing the picture freely if anyone else wants to do this. (I hand drew it, scanned it in, and added stars with Paint.)

Happy Halloween!

Added later: Check out the Candy Experiments website! There are a tun of cool science experiments you can do with candy (that doesn't require eating!) If we have any duplicates we might try some of these.

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