Friday, October 26, 2012

Another off week

Well, this week turned into another "blah" week. I wasn't feeling well, Early Bird was grumpy and coughing all week, and Builder Boy developed a fever. Stuff like this makes me glad we already planned on schooling year-round. But two weeks in a row worries me. It will make it harder to start up again. My kindergarten plans were ruined by frequent sickness and other problems. We were never able to be consistent, and things just didn't get done. I've spent the past 10 weeks or so reviewing math and reading that we learned in kindergarten. We are only just now getting into newer stuff. True, we were ahead to begin with, but now it feels behind. We only just a few weeks ago finished kindergarten level handwriting.

Instead of feeling rested, I'm feeling more stressed. I have to get us started again, and get us started with enthusiasm. Having the brick experiment turn out the way it did doesn't help. But I've got to pick myself up, and get back the fun.

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