Friday, October 5, 2012

Zaner-Bloser Customer Service

I just wanted to share that I had a lovely experience with the Zaner-Bloser Customer Service Representative. I didn't get out "I'm on the phone, be quiet now" before I was talking to a real person. No message or number pressing hoops to go through! She was pleasant and polite and immediately helpful. Coupled with the fact that Builder Boy loved the K level handwriting book that we just finished and I am very pleased with this company. I highly recommend it.

Builder Boy used to hate writing and it was a struggle to get anything done. But once I changed our approach from "please, just finish this page!" to "whatever we get done in 10 minutes is it" his attitude shifted and then he was the one who said "we can't stop now, I have to finish this part." Handwriting became his professed favorite subject. There isn't as much review in the book as needed. You have to do your own practice on the special lined paper.

From this... (1 day A person is sitting on sand and the birds are flying.)
Ever since the last activity in the book introduced drawing a picture and then writing a sentence for it he has taken off creatively. I cut the lined paper in half, glue it to the bottom of a plain piece of paper, and now he's drawing elaborate pictures and writing multiple sentences for them. this in 4 days. (4 day Hill a house with nothing. Today is very good. We build everything and rock is very good.)

*Added later: I received the next ZB handwriting book in the mail today. I noticed that even though they had only charged me $5 for shipping, the postage was $5.70. That stuck me as really cool of them.
(I don't paid for this review or recommendation.)


  1. Hi, Mrs. Warde, my name is Sara Zibell and I work for Zaner-Bloser. Thank you for writing about your positive experience with Zaner-Bloser customer service. We are so happy that you and Builder Boy are enjoying everything that Zaner-Bloser has to offer.

    We were wondering if it would be okay with you if we shared a link to your blog post with our Facebook community? Feel free to contact me via email:

  2. I would be delighted! I e-mailed you, thank you for asking.


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