Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lady Bug is Eight Months Old!

Wait a minute, eight months old? That can't be right! This past month seems like it barely started, and now we're at another new one. Lady Bug has done what seems like a lot of growing this month. She is sitting up all by herself very well now. She hates being on her stomach, so we don't do as much tummy time as we probably should. Which means very little rolling over. Since she's my third child, I'm not worrying about it too much. I know I'm babying her a bit, seeing as she's going to be my last, but I'm challenging her a little bit at times, too.

We had a bit of a developmental scare over her eating. She's eating a bottle just fine (15 lbs, over three times her birth weight!) but wasn't taking solid foods. We started trying here and there since she was five months developmentally (she was born a month early) but she wasn't taking to it. We figured she just wasn't ready and didn't push it. We tried once a month or every three weeks, but nothing stayed in and went down. It all came back out. I started becoming concerned and tried giving her just what she gets in her bottle in a spoon to see if she was capable of swallowing and she was just spitting out the applesauce (or pear, or rice cereal, or everything else I tried) because she didn't like it. That came out the front, too. I mentioned it to the pediatrician at her check up and she felt Lady Bug should be evaluated by an occupational therapist to determine if there was a problem. The doctor was concerned that if Lady Bug did not start on solids soon that she would develop a texture aversion and refuse food when she got older. We made the appointment, I attempted to feed her in front of the therapist just like I had done at home and, what do you know, she did just fine. We received instructions to try every day for two weeks and then go back. It's been a week and she's doing awesome. The little stinker.

Other than that, she has learned how to clap this month and is very proud of herself. She has also started the stranger anxiety stage, which has turned my smiles-at-everyone little girl into a hides-her-head-when-someone-smiles-at-her baby. Which is perfectly normal, and a little bit cute.

Despite seeming very small for her age, I've started putting her in 6-9, 6-12, and 9 month clothes. (Baby clothing sizes over the brands is a pain.) That 9 month white sleeper I've been taking her pictures in fits perfectly now! This was also the first photo shoot we've done that she actually played with the bear. It was so cute how she smiled at him. She's very interested in making all sorts of sounds with her mouth; raspberries, clucks, slurppy kiss sounds. Once in a while a consonant. Sticking her tongue out also happens a lot. Lots of swollen gums, but no teeth yet. Over all she is happy, healthy, and the sunshine in our lives.

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