Friday, April 18, 2014

Three Sisters: Step 1

Bit of earth selected.
Definition of an optimist: a person with an absolute black thumb, who keeps buying seeds and plants every spring anyway. (Or is that the definition of insanity?)

Last year I was so sick that the plants have all done whatever they wanted to do. The boys absolutely LOVE the field of dandelions that is our back yard right now. So there's a lot of catch up work to do. And I've never been in charge of landscaping my entire life.

This year, we are FINALLY going to attempt the Three Sisters set up. I've got the seeds, and a yard to plant them in. I just, you know, need to plant them.

So yesterday I got my butt in gear and started the process by de-weeding an area. There were these awful, prickly plants growing that had to be gotten rid of. They poked me thorough my gardening gloves! I'm glad the dirt was very dry; that made it easier to pull out the root. And the special tool that my aunt bought us last year was a lifesaver!

20 minutes later

A LOT of weeds!
Today while at the store for better dirt than the stuff that' the ground.....outside, my kids expressed disappointment that we were not planting any flowers. So I let them each pick one and we de-grassed an area in the front yard and planted some pretty flowers, too.

Stay tuned for more developments! (I hope.)

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