Saturday, April 26, 2014

Three Sisters: Day 6, Cantaloupes & Pumpkins Day 1 (Take 2)

That's no cantaloupe sprouts....that's grass. :(
Sooooooo, I had to re-plant the pumpkins and cantaloupes. It's been a week. I haven't been out there much because it started raining and Wednesday the whole family got sick with the norovirus. I am 90% better today so I went out to check for sprouts. (I am clearly an unrealistic optimist.) The pumpkin seeds had somehow become unearthed. And where the stick said we had planted the cantaloupes, grass was growing. (This is why you don't shortcut dump dirt on top of growing grass hoping the lack of sunlight will kill it.) So today, first day out of bed, I dug up more grass and replanted the seeds. (And pruned the rose bush that stabbed me multiple times when I was only trying to help it.) This time I put sticks all around where I planted the seeds, so I don't forget.

Oh, I have also learned, a bit too late, that you're suppose to gently transition plants going from inside to outside. Oops. Sorry, cilantro.

No sprouts yet from the corn. If they havn't sprouted by next weekend, I'm going to put in new seeds.

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