Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Slow and Steady: Week 34

For Age 0, Week 34 of Slow and Steady Get Me Ready the activity is to introduce sizes with mixing bowls and measuring cups.

The idea is to line them up, (their) left to right, smallest to biggest. Use the words "small," "middle," and "large," to identify, and put them inside of each other. If you do this often enough, eventually baby will start doing it themselves. Or, if they're teething, like they probably are at this age, then they'll probably just put them in their mouths.

Ether way, it's starting to build understanding vocabulary, encourages observations, and free new toys! (Assuming you don't actually need them for baking.)

At this age I like to place object just a little bit out of baby's reach, so they have to stretch to get it. Once they're comfortable with reaching a little bit, I put it a little bit further. This is intended to encourage movement and eventually crawling.

We'll keep doing this for a week and see if she starts putting them in each other. And I'll enlist the boys to show her, too. They love helping teach "baby school."
 Slow and Steady Get Me Ready has a preview available at Google Books. It can also be purchased at (the picture of the book is an affiliate link.)

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  1. Awesome! I love the red cookware! I neeeeed red cookware!

    1. The mixing bowls were from Walmart as a Christmas thing. I bought them after Christmas for $2! And the red measuring cups were $1 at a dollar store. :D


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