Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Growing Science: Or Not

Have I mentioned I have a brown thumb? Over 90* F weather for weeks plus me forgetting to water the bean plants regularly equals dead bean plants. There are only three that are still alive. I gave them some Miracle Grow a few weeks ago; I don't know if it sustained them or hastened their demise. Thankfully Builder Boy hasn't noticed and gotten upset. Yet. I was really hoping to keep them alive long enough to produce seeds. The ones still alive I think had flowers a while back, so there is still a slim chance of that happening.

I wish I could have kept them inside where we first sprouted them. But they got too big for the window, and the blinds were crushing them. We never measured them regularly, nor did we make a chart illustrating their growth. The kids got to see the plants sprout from seeds and they got to see the roots in the clear cups, so they got at least something out of it. They know now that plants do indeed grow from seeds, not just because grown-ups tell them they do. And Builder Boy remembers the three things plants need because of this. So it wasn't a waste of time. Maybe in the spring we can try again. Maybe with something more hardy.

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