Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shaduf Disappointment

What we were trying to make.
What we made.
Well, the shaduf didn't work. I tried making it with materials I had on hand, but the wrapping paper cardboard dowels just weren't strong enough to work as supports. The sand bag and water pail were just too heavy.

I am disappointed because Builder Boy loves contraptions and simple machines and I was all ready to talk about work vs. effort and levers and fulcrums. But we can't get stuck on this; we need to move on. Maybe we'll come back to this when we can get strong enough materials and a place to put them deep enough in the ground to make a good foundation. We don't have what we need to make a good base for a small scale shaduf, either.

Shaking it off and moving on. The wonderful thing about homeschooling is we had the flexibility to even try this project and the ability to say "this didn't work and that's okay."


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