Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Learning to Be a Scientist: Final Review

I am really glad I did this book with George, Builder Boy, and Early Bird. We didn't finish every activity, but the kids had a lot of fun and learned some things in the process. My original intent for doing this before we officially started 1st grade was to give Builder Boy an introduction to doing science school work and to get him thinking like a scientist. It definitely achieved those goals. It had enough repetition that the kids retained the concepts, but not to much that it got boring. It had enough hands-on activities that Builder Boy (a kinetic learner) retained a lot of what he learned. And there was enough practical application that Builder Boy was able to apply the concepts to his every day activities.

Knowing those concepts is also going to help with the other Evan-Moor ScienceWorks for Kids books that we will be using this year. Looking trough the Learning About Animals and Learning about My Body books I see observations and comparisons being made, sorting being done, and information being recorded in different ways.

I made a poster of the concepts so when we do science lessons we will figure out how we are being scientists with that activity. We will also continue using the lab coats when we do science.

We only did one of the last concept's activities. The first skipped activity from the "Scientists conduct investigations" is "Will a Magnet Work Through Other Materials?" which is a really cool investigation building on the information they learned earlier about magnets. We may do this investigation on the weekend for fun.

The other skipped activity is "How is Sound Made?" Given they boy's ability to make noise and to expand upon a lesson's idea loudly, I am not sad I skipped this even. They watched a Sid the Science Kid video a little while ago on sound and Builder Boy has been drawing sound waves in his pictures from time to time. I may come back to this and do it sometime, but we had to move on to Learning about Animals, and these activities just didn't get done.

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