Saturday, June 16, 2012

Homemade Lab Coats

I wanted the kids to really feel like scientists. So I made them lab coats! I bought two white, long sleeve, button up men's shirts at the thrift store for $3/each and a short sleeve one for Early Bird that did not need any sleeve alteration.

Next I put the shirts on the two older kids and marked where on the sleeve I needed to cut them to make them fit. I cut off the cuff very carefully and put Fray Check on the cut edges. Next I cut the sleeves at the marked part and turned up the edge and loosely hemmed it. I turned the cut edge to the outside so that it wouldn't tickle the kids' wrists. I had originally planned on using interfacing strips (is that the right name?) that I bought so that the project would be quick and easy. But I lost it. So I had to hand sew since I don't have a working sewing machine. After I had hemmed it I stitched it loosely and gathered it. Then I sewed on the cuff so that the gathered edge did not show. Lastly I used puffy fabric paint and pained "Dr. Warde" on the boys' lab coats and "Dr. George" on George's coat. (I asked my friend and the George nickname started with her grandpa when she was a baby.)

Here they are! They are really long; probably longer than a real lab coat. If I ever find that interfacing tape I might shorten them in the future. But right now I'm just glad they're done. I'd say it took me less than an hour per coat hand sewing it, but I can't be certain because of all the times I was interrupted. But however much time it took it was definitely worth it!

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