Saturday, June 9, 2012

Learning to Be a Scientist: Week 1, Day 3

Continuing Learning to Be a Scientist: the first concept is "Scientists make observations," the third activity is "Watch the Goldfish." (This was actually the second activity, but I didn't have the car to drive the kids to the pet store when George was with us. So we did it on the weekend and Homeschool Principal Daddy got to go with us, too.)

Since we don't have a fish of our own we went to a local pet store and observed the fish there. We go there once every nine months to a year, and it's almost as good as going to the local zoo! After Builder Boy made some observations about the goldfish he drew a fish on the activity page for his logbook and then circled the correct answer for how the fish moves.

Early Bird thought the idea of fish walking or jumping on a po-go stick was hilarious. Then we went around and observed all the other animals. (Lots of different kinds of fish, some lizards, birds, mice, guinea pigs, and bunny rabbits.)

Proof of Alien Life!

See-Through Fish?! How Cool is THAT!

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