Saturday, June 9, 2012

Learning to Be a Scientist: Week 1, Day 1

The first concept in Learning to Be a Scientist is "Scientists make observations." To simplify for the kids we are defining "observing" as looking at something and thinking about it. The first activity is "Where Did the Water Go?" We went outside and painted on the sidewalk with water in an area with full sun exposure and an area in the shade. We then observed what happened. Using the big paintbrushes worked perfectly because it was just enough water to try to make a picture, but a small enough amount of water that the water in the full sun exposure evaporated very quickly. I think this was the first time the kids had witnessed evaporation in action so dramatically and they got a big kick out of it. For about 5 minutes. Then they were ready to play with chalk. Oh, well, they got the point. An interesting side lesson happened when the chalk did not evaporate. Builder Boy decided the chalk was to heavy or hard to evaporate. I didn't get pictures of the water paintings, but I did take some pictures of Builder Boy and George making and playing hopscotch and Early Bird walking around and making more water paintings.

 The Sunny Area

Early Bird Painting with Water

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