Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Learning to Be a Scientist: Week 4, Day 2

Continuing Learning to Be a Scientist: the fourth concept is "Scientists make measurements," the second activity is "How Big Is It?"

This activity requires a large rock. I used a rock slab bookend that I have. George and Builder Boy measured the rock with a measuring tape. After they measured the rock and wrote down the measurement I gave them a ruler and asked if they could measure around the rock with that. They pointed out that it was too short and it did not bend around it. Then I had the kids guess how heavy it was. George guessed 100 lbs, I guessed 25 lbs, and Builder Boy guessed 36 lbs. It was only 10 lbs! But it seemed much heavier to me, the one carrying it.

Then we took turns measuring different parts of our body for the mini Measurement Books that came with the activity. George measured Builder Boy's head and Builder Boy measured George's head. But he had to stand on a stool to do it.

Once we had made the books they got on the computer and played a Sid the Science Kid Crystal Rock Measuring Game. Then they watched the full episode available which was about research, but also talked about observations and covered living vs. non-living things and how they got to the moon.

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