Thursday, June 21, 2012

Learning to Be a Scientist: Week 3, Day 2

Continuing Learning to Be a Scientist: the third concept is "Scientists make comparisons," the second activity is "Will It Bend?"

We went back to the book for science class today. Partly. As part of the activity I collected one for each kid a drinking straw, a craft stick, a pipe cleaner, a pencil, a paper clip, and a file card. I also added plastic combs and a plastic spoon and fork. The kids named the objects and then tested each one to see if it bends or not. An object breaking does not count, as George found out (I added the plastic spoon so they could learn that.) Then they drew pictures on the worksheet of what bended and what did not. That was the extent of the book's lesson for the day.

So I expanded on the "Will It Bend?" idea. We went outside (it finally wasn't 100*F today!) and we tested different parts of our bodies to see if they bend. They insisted on wearing their lab coats outside because they were "being scientists!" We twisted around, tweaked our noses and ears, wiggled, waved, and moved around. We squeezed our skin on our cheeks. Then I had them try to bend the long bones in their arms and legs.

I got out the The Kingfisher First Human Body Encyclopedia and showed them a picture of a skeleton. Builder Boy already knew that where two bones meet are called joints. I got a kid friendly picture of a skeleton off the internet and had them circle where on their body they could bend and X out areas where they could not.

Then we went inside and cut out a different picture of a skeleton that had to be assembled. If I'd had brads (I can't find then in a store!) I would have used those at the joints. But I don't. So the kids just glued their skeletons on paper. I cut one out (Early Bird was not interested in this part) and reinforced the joints with tape. Then I used string and a needle from a household repair kit with a big enough eye and connected the bones with the string. The kids definitely know the three concepts now!

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