Saturday, June 9, 2012

Learning to Be a Scientist: The Plan

As part of our Summer School we will be working through the Evan-Moor Learning to Be a Scientist (Science Works for Kids Series) I will be taking pictures and chronicling our learning experience. The book covers seven concepts with three to four activities per concept. Our students include my two boys and a friend's daughter, nickname "George." We will be trying to get through this book before she starts 1st grade (public school) in the fall. As she can only come over two times a week, some activities will be combined, skipped, or done when she is not here.

Let the fun (and learning) begin!

_________________________________________________________________________________ has some pretty cool Sid the Science Kid videos and games! There's even an I Want to be a Scientist game that has kids dressing up a character and learning about different kinds of scientists.

(I don't get paid for reviews.)


  1. Ooops! I read this post last. I kept thinking your older son had long hair, but it was really George I was looking at. :)

  2. Yeah, she's cute. :) Her parents have been calling her "George" since she was a baby. I can't remember why though.


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