Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Box Day!

Okay, so it's a small box, but I'm still excited! It's not for our "official" school year, but I realized that we needed some pre-learning to make our "official" curriculum choices more meaningful. Thankfully the mail man did not make me wait too long today.

First, I got the Evan-Moor ScienceWorks for Kids Simple Machines for grades 1-3. I got this because Builder Boy has been very interested in simple machines for a long time now. There is a LOT more in this book than the Learning to Be a Scientist book, which is for grades K-1. I haven't yet ordered the ScienceWorks for Kids workbooks for our "official" year, so this gave me a good idea of what the grade 1-3 books I was thinking about getting will require.

Second, I got the Evan-Moor Beginning Geography workbook. We will be using Story of the World for history along with the activity guide. I realized that there is map work for every chapter, but that isn't going to mean much if Builder Boy isn't familiar with maps. So I thought this workbook would give him a good introduction to maps. Flipping through I can see that it will do that and more!

The third book I got was the second Magic Tree House book. I am using these to introduce Builder Boy to chapter books and books in a series.


This is a song (parody) that I made up a while back just for waiting for a package.

To the tune of "Here We Come A-Caroling."

Finally the day has come
for your delivery.
And here comes the mail man
So fair to be seen!
Books and toys come to you
and a happy Box Day, too.
And God bless you and send you
your package real soon!
Oh, God bless you and send your package soon.

Links to what I ordered (I don't get paid for reviews):


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