Monday, August 13, 2012

Our School Area

We live in a small townhouse (rented) with the whole bottom floor an open kitchen/living room. We don't have a lot of space for our school stuff, but I thought I'd post pictures of what we have and how we've arranged it.

This is our main storage for school supplies. I got the Sterilite stackable drawers at Walmart, over the space of a year. I really like how you can arrange them however you want. The top is a messy assortment of games, reward basket, and science odds and ends.

The tower on the right has (from top to bottom) Geography, Evan-Moor Science, Builder Boy worksheets, Hooked on Phonics (to be replaced soon with All About Spelling,) math manipulatives, math book and binders, extra school supplies like folders and binders not in use. The clear container on the top of the right tower has science equipment like the thermometer, magnifying glasses, etc.

The middle tower has card games, flash cards, glue and scissors, Story of the World, various workbooks I've collected for Early Bird, various workbooks I've collected for Builder Boy, coloring books.

The tower on the left has balloons/bubbles/chalk, craft supplies like fuzzy sticks/fuzzy balls/googly eyes, craft supplies made out of wood or paper, paint and paintbrushes, stamps and stickers, general supplies, white paper, colored paper, special paper like the handwriting paper/lined paper/graph paper.

I like to put the heaviest things like the paper and coloring paper on the bottom drawers. I'm still not completely happy with the arrangement of my right and middle towers. I will probably change it around at some point.

The bookshelf is located right behind the table which is where we do most of our schoolwork. I got the bookshelf a long time ago at Walmart, but I only recently brought it downstairs. The shelves, unfortunately, can only have one shelf that is tall enough for books if you use all the shelves. The plastic baskets I got at the dollar store (Builder Boy didn't like the color arrangement I originally had, so he changed it to a pattern he liked.) The books in the baskets on the floor are color coded-sorted by books that they can read by themselves and books they need to read to me a few times more before they're ready to read on their own. The second shelf of colored baskets hold school things that the kids are allowed to get out and use on their own; including the Inchimals and the Play-a-Sound reader books (similar to poingo or LeapFrog Tag, but cheaper.) Three of the baskets on the top shelf are empty; I haven't figured out what to put there. On the top of the shelves are the Language Arts and the History  binders and some other odds and ends that I don't have better places for. I will probably have to put my nick-knacks on the display shelves to the right of the bookshelves away so I have more room for books.

And that's pretty much it. I tried to pick cheerful colors to brighten up the space. We only have one floor lamp in the whole room, so the white helps keep it bright.

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