Friday, August 2, 2013

Introducing Lady Bug!

Lesson learned: I am never going to try to schedule anything ever again.

Two weeks ago after being on official bed rest for two weeks I got a very high blood pressure reading; 155/105. An hour later it was the same, so we went in to Labor and Delivery. I collapsed trying to make it into the building; that night my blood pressure peaked at 185/115. I was 35 weeks into the pregnancy. I got put on some blood pressure medications and magnesium sulfate to prevent seizures or strokes. Being on magnesium sulfate SUCKS, and I'll be writing more on the topic later.

My doctor decided he wanted to try to put off taking out the baby until I was 36 weeks, which is considered full term, with the hope that she would not have to spend any time in the NICU. So I spent a week in the hospital. On Saturday our daughter was born; 4lb 10 oz. She and I were doing very well at first, and I got to spend my time in recovery room with her and Principal Daddy.

First time seeing her again, two days later.
But then I started getting sick again and Lady Bug started having problems; first with oxygen saturation levels and then glucose processing issues. She was taken to the NICU, and I was so sick I didn't get to see her until two days later. I ended up needing a blood transfusion because the pre-eclampsia had stopped my liver from fully functioning and my body wasn't making enough red blood cells. (ETA: later my doctor said that he thought that a suture from my tubal ligation might have slipped and caused internal bleeding, which in turn caused the need for the blood transfusion. We'll never really know.)

Right now I'm out of the hospital, but I'm still so sick and weak that I can't even take the car ride to visit my baby at the hospital. I'm still dealing with high blood pressure, and have to be on a medication to keep it down. Lady Bug is doing better and is weened off the oxygen flow, but she has to meet several criteria before we can bring her home. We were hoping we could bring her home this weekend; the nurse we asked thought it would be another week. Each baby is different, it all depends on her. 

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