Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This Man Deserves a Medal

This is a picture of Builder Boy and Principal Daddy rubbing my puffy, pregnant feet. This man deserves a medal for everything he has done during this last pregnancy. This has been the hardest pregnancy for me, but it has also been difficult for him. He's picked up all the slack and more since I became too sick to move eight months ago. Here are just a few things he has done:

  1. Cleaned up puke. A lot of puke. 
  2. Helped me get ready for doctors appointments when I was huddled up in the fetal postion unable to help myself.
  3. Did almost everything in our move to another state. I did maybe 1%.
  4. Did all of the laundry and dishes since we moved. I literally have no idea how to run the new (to us) machines. 
  5. Waited on me hand and foot, bringing food, drinks, etc. when I couldn't go up and down the stairs.
  6. Indulged some really weird cravings.
  7. Totally got me emotionally though the extended hospital stay. I couldn't have done it if it wasn't for him. And on the day when I was in recovery and he was at work and I was a non-stop crying emotional mess and I called him and told him I needed him: he dropped everything and came.
That may all sound like common stuff (except for the move) until you realize that he was doing this for eight months straight with no break and two other kids needing help and attention. There are countless other things that he did and put up with during this time. There were so many moments during these months that had me thinking "this man deserves a medal!"

Well, I don't have an official medal to give him. But I can publish here his example of love and at least get him some public recognition. Thank you so much, my love! I couldn't have done this without you.


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