Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Diaper Faceoff: Huggies vs. Pampers

We've had Lady Bug home from the NICU for several days now and we've gone through two packages of diapers.  We were given some different brands as gifts and they have some distinct differences. (These are the preemie size diapers.)

First we used the Huggies "Little Snugglers" diapers. They are smaller than the Pampers, which was good since Lady Bug is so small. I also like that the umbilical cord notch that both claim to have is much deeper on the Huggies than the Pampers. In fact, I couldn't even tell that the Pampers had a dip until I read it on the package today. But after the first 30 or so diapers we realized that they were too small when it came to containing what they're suppose to contain. I tried to make them tight enough without being too tight, but she leaked through three outfits in one day, and needed at least two outfits a day the last couple of days we used them.

I started trying the Pampers before the Huggies were used up. I love how much higher in the back they are, which prevents leaks of explosive poo that Lady Bug is getting to be known for. They also hold her volume of fluids better, and haven't leaked yet, though that might be because of the position of the tabs are lower on it so there is less loose area around the legs.

So my recommendation is: use the Huggies "Little Snugglers" for one package until the umbilical cord comes off, then use the Pampers.

And a warning to those who've never changed baby girls before: girls can squirt, too! It's not just boys that will get you.

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