Friday, August 30, 2013

Lady Bug is One Month Old!

Isn't she pretty? :)
I've always wanted to take month by month pictures of my babies, but I was always too tired, busy, or forgot. But I spent a lot of time on Pinterest when I was pregnant and on bed rest and I was inspired by several ideas, so I'm going to try to get it done this time around since Lady Bug is going to be my last baby.

One idea was to take a picture every month of the baby wearing a size 9 months sleeper to show them growing into it and then out of it over the year. The 9 month size sleeper is much to big for Lady Bug; it's hard to imagine her being big enough to fit it!

Another picture idea was to take a picture of the baby next to a stuffed animal for scale and to show growth over the year. I wanted to get her a special stuffed animal just for her, but the Walmart down the street doesn't sell just stuffed animals and I couldn't get out to any other stores in time. So I went with a sweet teddy bear that my brother gave my kids when Early Bird was born.

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