Friday, March 28, 2014

A peek inside my brain 10 minutes ago

Mommy/sleep deprived brain: Ugh. I just want a nap. The baby is sleeping, I should be sleeping, too.
COFFEE: No sleep! I'm wide awake! Let's get something DONE!
Gifted brain: Oh! I want to clean and organize the play room! Or finally put together the Ikea shelves! But first I have to clean up the living room and wash the walls and....
Depression: I'm not doing any of that crap; too much effort. I'm just going to stay in bed.
COFFEE & Gifted brain: Well, we should at least BLOG!!!
Anxiety: But I don't have anything to blog about, I haven't done anything special. And I'm back logged on the series I'm working on. And the guest posts I promised other blogs. It's been almost two weeks, how do I explain my absence? I'm not ready to write about homeschooling with depression; I don't have any helpful advice. Just putting stuff down isn't good enough; no one's going to want to spend their valuable time reading that. And I don't want to be a total downer; then no one will want to ever read my blog again.

End result: nothing gets done, not even a nap, and I'm more emotionally paralyzed than ever.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat


  1. Clearly, you've been in my head. I have a very similar conversation in my head almost daily. Hence, the house that looks like a tornado goes through it every day. Actually, 4 do and they're cute.

  2. been there. done that. :( hope you can get some sleep. life's too short for a clean house.


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