Monday, December 10, 2012

Homemade Play Kitchen: The Plan

So here's the plan (because I love plans.) I am using these shelving units that I already had and wasn't using very much. (Considering the price, I would not have bought them specifically for this purpose.
They are laminated particle board which means I want to do as little drilling/screwing/hammering as possible. 

The pantry needs nothing added to it except for storage baskets. I will be adding two hooks on the side to hang the aprons. I found one at a thrift store and I'm going to make a no-sew apron with a place mat I got at the thrift store and some ribbon and Velcro.

I saw on Pinterest the idea to add baskets on the "refrigerator" door to make it look more real. I found a way to do that myself without making any holes so that is on and it looks good. I also found something I am going to see if I can make it work. If I can then I will have a magnetized area on the front of the fridge for play refrigerator.

I will be leaving the counter space clear instead of adding a sink like all the play kitchens I've seen. When I made a play kitchen out of diaper boxes a while back, they didn't even think of needing/wanting a sink until my friend's daughter came over to play and asked for one. If I put in a sink there will be no counter space to "cut" and prepare food. So that will remain as it is. I will however have a curtain under that part on a rod. I'll be using a hand towel and some ribbons and some sticky wall hooks to make it work.

The stove I'm just going to paint on the top. I don't think there is any room for temperature controls, even if I could think of a no-drill way to make them. That's the nice thing about having young boys: I don't think they're going to notice or think of all the details that "real" things have that this won't. This can be pretty simple and that (with their imagination) is all they need.

The oven is going to be the hardest part. I am probably going to need to install hardware, have a wood door (??) that's the right size and not rough on the edges. I know they probably won't notice if there isn't one, but it's something that I think should be there, and I'm going to try to make that happen.

We already have quite a bit of play food and dishes. I ordered some cool "cut" and "peel" Small World Living Fun-With-Fruit from Amazon, and I have a cool idea to make a play cookie baking set.

Keep checking in for the latest additions!


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