Friday, December 14, 2012

Family Hand Print Portrait

So I got the idea for this on Pinterest (here's the original pin.) They embroidered it, I did it in paint. I made three for the ladies in Daddy's family as Christmas presents. I got a nice silver frame for each one at Walmart. I also got the felt there for $0.29 (the felt was cut to just a little bit too big) and I already had the paint. So an inexpensive, but priceless gift.

I traced my husband's hand with pencil and then covered the pencil with the dark blue paint. I used another awesome Pinterest idea: glue cap on a paint bottle to write with. It works perfectly! After his layer dried I did mine and then Builder Boy's and then Early Bird's.

I did the boy's layers today, and I posted about it today because of all the sadness of today, I wanted a good thing to look at and remember. Our prayers are with the families of Newtown, Connecticut, now and through what will probably be a very difficult Christmas.

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