Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So, that's not good...

So on Sunday and again on Monday I had a sudden, horrible episode that my doctor thinks were extreme anxiety/panic attacks brought on by too much stress and things going on. So I dropped some "extra" things outside of the home (both attacks happened when I was trying to get myself and the boys out of the house in time for something.) I'm also enlisting my husband to help me with the Christmas presents I'm making for family members. I'll still take pictures of what I'm doing so I can blog the instructions, but I'm going to be posting less for the next two weeks.

I would appreciate prayers. This was really scary, and I didn't even think I was that stressed until I looked at all the little things adding up. Once Christmas is over, over half the things I'm worrying about will be gone, so I hope to get back to regular blogging after that (because I really love doing this!)

Mrs. Warde

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