Monday, December 10, 2012

Diaper Box Play Kitchen

Two years ago it was Builder Boy who was the one very interested in "cooking" and play food. So one day I used paper to turn a diaper box from Sam's into a play kitchen. It took maybe 30 minutes and he was thrilled. I made it look like our kitchen. All the paper was cosmetic, there were no "working" knobs. The paper was cheap construction paper that I glued/taped on. The top was laminated with clear packaging tape (I didn't know about contact paper at the time) to make it last longer.

It was perfect. He loved it. Then his friend who is a girl came to play and asked "where's the sink?" So that night I spent two hours making a sink. That barely got used by Builder Boy. But I wanted it to be a complete kitchen, so I made it.

I cut a hole in the box and attached a recessed box (we have a rectangular metal sink, so that was perfect) that I painted gray. The faucet was a prescription diaper cream box that I cut and then taped at an angle.

I am posting this for those who would like to make a play kitchen for their young children who do not have the time or money to make a wooden one.

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