Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tissue Paper Ornaments /Sun-catchers


I was inspired by a few different projects on Pinterest and I decided to make these with the kids (and Daddy made some, too!) They will be stocking-stuffer gifts for our family this Christmas. We're also sending some in the mail.

First I cut out shapes for the borders of the ornaments. I chose stars, circles (mimicking ball ornaments) and trees.

Then everyone colored the borders (these could also be made with colored paper.)

Next we put the boarder (colored side down) on a piece of contact paper.

We put pieces of cut tissue paper in the sticky center.

After we had filled them out to what wanted them to look like we added another piece of contact paper on top, smoothing it out and getting rid of any air bubbles.

Lastly we cut around them (leaving some clear edge) and hole punched them to have a place to put the hook in.

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