Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Homemade Play Kitchen: The Refrigerator

I searched the dollar store, thrift stores, and finally Walmart and I found these plastic baskets: a set of three for less than $2. They are almost perfect. I measured them against the measured paper I took shopping with me and they were the right size but the corners catch a little bit when you try to close the door. I finally figured out with the last one to keep it from catching, position the basket slightly more towards the hinge rather than perfectly centered.

I hung them on adhesive hooks (no drilling!) which I got at Walmart for about $2/2 hooks, so total price for the refrigerator baskets and hanging them was $8.

I found a magnetic floor vent cover that I had hoped to turn into an area for refrigerator magnets on the door, but it didn't work out the way I'd hoped, and it wasn't strong enough.

Early Bird likes having different shelves and baskets in the fridge because that means he can sort his play food by food group.

I was going through old drafts of blog posts that I'd never finished or posted and found my plans for sharing what I did to make the play kitchen that was Early Bird's Christmas present. I'm not up to doing much, but I can finish these up at least....

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