Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Guest Post Coming!

Thanks to my previous post about my positive experience with Zaner-Bloser I will (hopefully soon) be hosting a guest blog post by one of their handwriting experts!

I originally chose Zaner-Bloser for our handwriting curriculum because it was the first/preferred recommendation in The Well-Trained Mind. It described ZB as "continuous stroke" as opposed to "ball and stick." But when I was looking at the ZB website to order, I didn't see "continuous stroke" anywhere. I called costumer service back then and asked about that. The lady I talked didn't think that description applied, and didn't know why it was refereed to as such by TWTM. That made me reconsider purchasing their handwriting book, but in the end I did buy it (and I'm glad I did.)  I have seen on the Well Trained Mind Forum that others have had similar questions/confusion over this point. The handwriting expert at Zaner-Bloser will be addressing the confusion on this point (spoiler: it is continuous stroke) and will discuss the differences and the advantages/disadvantages between continuous stroke vs. ball and stick.

So keep checking in for the guest post! (Date TBA) 

(I'm not getting paid for my recommendation or review.)

When I posted this Peace Hill Press (the original link) is sold out. The picture is a link to the Amazon.com listing. 

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