Friday, November 23, 2012

Best Kid Party Drink Ever!

For Builder Boy's birthday party (which we ended up doing on Thanksgiving this year) I made Koolaid ice cubes in the primary colors. Red-Cherry, Yellow-Lemonade, and Blue-Blue Raspberry Lemonade and we added them to Sprite. When the ice cubes melted they changed the color and taste of the drink. This was so cool, and it tasted really good! Everyone liked it a lot. The lemonade ice cubes were not as yellow as I thought they would be, so the orange and green weren't as strong a color as purple, but they still looked neat. Builder Boy wanted vermilion; two reds and one yellow. That cherry-lemonade in lemon-lime soda was my favorite, too. It tasted like a Shirley Temple.

Thank you, Pinterest!

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