Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Phone Number Bracelet

This week is Pinterest Week! Aside from reading & grammar, all learning activities will come from Pinterest. I have a Sceleratus Classical Academy board with links to different posts on this blog, a Learning Ideas board, and a board of Pinterest Things I've Tried. Several of the pins on the Things I've Tried board have comments and stared reviews by me. The ones without star reviews have not been edited by me yet.

One of the first things I did the week was to make
a bracelet/wristband with our cell phone number on it for the boys in case they get lost or something happens. I searched around locally and no craft stores had numbered beads. They had lettered beads, but no numbers. So I decided to put numbers on dollar store beads myself. If I could find my sharpies I would have used those. But I couldn't, so I used black acrylic paint and a toothpick. Here's the original pin and the blog post it came from.

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