Friday, November 16, 2012

Math Extras

Builder Boy loves math. We are using Right Start Mathematics and that's the subject he asks to do first every day (but we don't do it until after language arts.) There is so much hands on fun that it's perfect for him. But there are three things that I have added to it that I thought I'd share.

Copies and Reflections with building blocks

Right Start Level A introduced the idea of making copies and refection of tile patterns.

Builder Boy really liked that so I though we would try making it more three dimensional and we started doing it with building blocks. We make sure ahead of time that we have the same types of blocks, and then we take turns coming up with structures and having the other copy it or make a refection of it (with a well defined line of reflection.) It amazes me the things Builder Boy comes up with, and it's a lot of fun trying to make "tricky" ones for him to try. And it's a great mental exercise.

Collection Sticker Book from the dollar store
This was a gift from a friend for Builder Boy's birthday last year (she got him the Cars 2 movie one.) Buying all those packs of stickers at a dollar a piece adds up, but I use them as prizes/rewards over time. They have the numbers 1-197 and it's really good practice for him to have to find the number, look at the numbers on the page in front of him, and determine if he needs to go "lower" in the book or "higher" in the book. We do the stickers out of order so he has to do a lot of searching. To help him with the number I have him put the number of the sticker on the abacus (and the ones over 100 with the number tiles) so he can tell better if it's 46 or 64.

Skip-bo Junior
Not to sound like an add for this, but this game is great. My grandparents got it for Builder Boy a year ago and it's his favorite card game. It practices putting numbers 1-10 in order, but in a fun way that doesn't get boring. It also has wild cards which makes kids have to think differently. We love it. I had never heard of it before they got it for him, so I thought I'd share.

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